At Cross & Lincoln we want to help you create that special look you have been dreaming about with our lineup of cabinet door styles and types that will put you way ahead of the game!

We start with our traditional wood doors with unlimited designs, or if your imagination pushes the boundaries we will create that one of a kind look for you. Then we pair your vision with unlimited furniture quality paint or stain colors and finishes.

From our solid wood doors, we double down with alternative door styles that usher in natural wood veneers, 3DL, Acrylics and Aluminum Framed.

Intrigued yet? Click on the “Get Creative!” buttons and explore unlimited. You deserve it! Cross & Lincoln will craft it for you.

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors are available in unlimited styles. Wood species include oak, maple, cherry, walnut, hickory and alder. Cross & Lincoln's expert technicians hand apply our paint and stain, furniture grade finishes. Color choices are limited only by your imagination. Let us know what style you are looking for.

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Wood Veneer

Wood veneers come in a variety of wood choices and door styles. Veneers can be grained matched up to 8ft. Standard and Exotic species are natural wood products. Each veneer has unique characteristics and variations specific to the species. Click "Get Creative!" to view door and color selection for wood veneers

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3DL selection includes a variety of solids, realistic woodgrains, abstracts, textures and glosses. 3DL is made from PVC, one of the most versatile polymers, and has consistent color, finish and surface quality from edge to edge. Click "Get Creative!" to view door and color selection for 3DL.

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High gloss Acrylic components feature an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) colored layer, which is permanently fused with a clear, ultra-high gloss acrylic top layer. ABS is an ecologically responsible, impact resistant, mechanically and thermally resilient, high quality thermoplastic. Click "Get Creative" to view door and color selection for acrylic.

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Fascinating and appealing for their bold luster, Aluminum Frames create designs that are as alluring as they are refined. With a number of different thicknesses, finish colors and options for inserts, Aluminum Frames effortlessly lend themselves to sleek, sophisticated designs. Click "Get Creative" to view door and color selections for Aluminum Frames.

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